Ava Mana

Ava Mana, (Masoomeh Dehghani) born in shiraz, Iran, is a professional Voice over and Voice Actress who has been acting in movies and stage theaters. She, as a member of Iranian Dubbing Artists and Directors Association, has experienced working with many best known Iranian Voice over artists, Voice Actors, and Actors in The National TV Dubbing department and Radio Drama department In Tehran.
She has the ability of creating various voices for different movies and animations Characters. She has been Voicing many Films and animations in different roles such as: “Duck and Dog”, “Bad Luck”, “Amateur Murders”, “Firdausi”, “Hijrebne Oudai”, “Alarm for Cobra 11”, Harry Potter, and many other.
Ava Mana, also has experienced working with Dubbing department of “Manoto” TV in Los Angeles in Late 2012. Voice overing in some TV Series such as: Murdoch, Madam Marple, Foresight Family. She has joined ” Nava Art Centre” as a Voice over Instructor and Director since August 2013.